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The Forgotten City features a vast new city that is at times both desolate and haunting, and beautiful and picturesque. It is rich with small details to entice the player to explore and investigate thoroughly.


Winner, Best City Mod, Brodual’s Top Mods of 2015

What critics said:

“The area is extremely foreboding and I was getting chills up my spine as I walked around… a completely atmospheric and enveloping new land.” 
Skyrim Weekly Mods

“I love the design of the Forgotten City… it feels like a believable, liveable space.” 
Good Game Pocket

What users said:

“Beautiful city, dungeons and insides. Almost wished I could live in a small community like that.” Samaritan978, Skyrim Nexus

“The sheer scope and quality of the levels is mind blowing." 
Tom, Twitter
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