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Position available: Technical Lead (Unreal Engine 4 Developer)

About the studio:

I'm Nick Pearce, founder of Modern Storyteller, a Melbourne-based game studio. My first game project, " The Forgotten City ":
  • won an Australian Writers' Guild Award
  • reached 1 million downloads, and
  • was praised by IGN ("simply amazing"), PC Gamer ("undeniably impressive"), and Kotaku ("a pretty big deal"), among others .

I'm now prototyping a beautiful, gripping, and intelligent story-driven game in UE4, designed to leverage the success of The Forgotten City. It's a game in the tradition of Firewatch, the Vanishing of Ethan Carter, and Gone Home - but with a distinctive twist.

I bring to the table:

  1. a substantial fan base waiting for my next title, media contacts, and a solid social media following and mailing list
  2. the opportunity to work on an ambitious, beautiful, and intelligent narrative-driven game
  3. a company with a business plan, marketing strategy, and game design document
  4. a decade's experience as a lawyer and strategy advisor to a multi-billion dollar tech company
  5. a spacious home office in Melbourne's inner Northern suburbs (but working remotely is fine too)
  6. a huge cache of high quality 3D assets, including modular environment sets.


As the Technical Lead, you'll work with me to develop a series of game systems in Unreal 4 Engine (in Blueprint or C++) including gameplay mechanics (object and NPC interaction), AI, UI, and menu systems.

Who I'm looking for:

I'm looking for someone who:
  • has demonstrated experience developing game systems in Unreal Engine 4 (preferably with Blueprint)
  • can support themselves financially until we're able to complete a prototype we can use to get funding (eg. from Film Victoria and Kickstarter or similar)
  • is passionate about narrative-driven games like Firewatch, the Vanishing of Ethan Carter, and Gone Home
  • lives in Victoria, Australia
  • is mature, prompt, well organised and personable
  • (preferably) has played The Forgotten City and gets it.

Next steps:

If you're interested, please email along with:
  1. a resume outlining your relevant skills and experience
  2. examples of your work (ideally playable content or videos).

Posted: 9 February 2017