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The Forgotten City is widely regarded as being on par with official DLC content.


Honourable mention, ModDB’s Mod of the Year 2015

5 stars (out of 5), Steam Workshop (based on 5000+ user ratings)

What critics said:

“Looks like Bethesda made it.”  Kotaku

 “The production values, for a mod, are completely ridiculous... The Forgotten City is a pretty big deal.”  Kotaku Australia

“Undeniably impressive.”  PC Gamer

“It's better than anything you've ever made.”  Nicholas Richardson, Good Game Pocket

What users said:

“The script is well thought through, the game mechanics are brilliant, the atmosphere created is incredible and the overall feel of the mod is better than anything created by Bethesda… This is an absolutely fantastic mod!”  TXRob

“The Forgotten City is a challenging, thought-provoking, cleverly scripted mod… leagues better than many a vanilla/DLC quest from Bethesda. Outstanding work.”  Joker961

“Forgot I had this downloaded and played it thinking it was put in there by Bethesda...100/10”  ¬°A|Sir Jolly

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