Frequently asked questions

 Here you'll find answers to Frequently Asked Questions about The Forgotten City.
  1. Will there be a PS4 version of The Forgotten CIty?
    Unfortunately, at this time The Forgotten City cannot be ported to PS4. Sony's position on Bethesda mods (it won't allow “external assets”) means any PS4 port would be missing the original musical score, the 1200+ lines of recorded dialogue, and all the scripts necessary to make the game work. If you'd like Sony to change its position, I encourage you to make use of the petition.
  2. The Forgotten City music keeps playing after I've left the city. How do I stop it?
    Walking through the automatic door at the entrance/exit of the city is supposed to remove all custom music from the game's playlist. Sometimes you have to walk through it again for it to work properly. If all else fails, simply disable the mod.
  3. The game crashes when I try to go through the underwater trapdoor or enter the palace.
    This is a rare bug which seems to occur for a small handful of people. There's no reason why it should be happening, which makes it impossible for me to troubleshoot. Some players have reported that reloading a save, or disabling all other mods, helps. Fortunately, it's not necessary to go into the underwater trapdoor to get the best ending.
  4. I die when I fall from the balcony.
    The only known solution for Xbox One is to remove any mods affecting your health (eg. cheat mods) and any buffs affecting your health (eg. diseases) beforehand.
  5. When I talk to Brol, the conversation stops abruptly.
    I'm aware of this. Fortunately, this issue doesn't have any impact on your game. I suggest ignoring it.
  6. What's your next project?
    I haven't announced my next project yet, but if you'd like to be informed when I do, please click "CONTACT" above to connect with me on social media.